Use Magistrate to integrate legal document generation and e-signatures into your product.

Basic usage

To get started, sign up for a Magistrate account. Then, either use the web to create legal documents by filling out a form or use the HTTP API to integrate legal document creation and signing into your product.

How the docs are organized


Jump into making your first request to the Magistrate API.

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More advanced guides achieving a specific, practical goal.

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Deeper cuts on specific topics intended to improve your understanding of Magistrate.

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API Reference

Technical description of how to use the API and official blueprints.

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Featured blueprints

Confidentiality Agreement

Be protected while you share or receive confidential information with a one-way or two-way NDA.

Contractor Agreement

Hire contractors for your business by configuring a company-favorable contractor agreement. Or if you're a contractor, create one favorable to yourself.


The classic early stage startup fundraising instrument, pioneered by YCombinator in 2013 and used by thousands of startups.

SaaS Services Agreement

An agreement between a SaaS company and a customer with detailed terms and conditions that cover every aspect of the SaaS sale. Payment terms, SLAs, support, warranties, confidentiality and much more!