This guide will get you all set up and ready to use the Magistrate API. We'll cover how to get started using one of our API clients and how to make your first API request. We'll also look at where to go next to find all the information you need to take full advantage of our powerful REST API.

Making your first API request

After obtaining your API token, you are ready to make your first call to the Magistrate API. Below, you can see how to send a POST request to create an envelope and send it for signature to yourself.

Make sure you fill in the {token} with your API token and fill in {your name} and {your email address} to ensure the signature request goes to you.

curl "https://api.getmagistrate.com/v1/envelopes/" \
  -H "Authorization: Token {token}" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{
        "name": "Example Contract",
        "documents": [
            "body": "EXAMPLE CONTRACT\n\nI just used the Magistrate API for the first time."
        "parties": [
            "name": "{your name}",
            "email": "{your email address}",
            "is_entity": false
        "action": "send"

After the API call

Now that you've send the contract for signature, emails will automatically be sent to the parties. If your name is Bob and you send a contract to Alice on behalf of Greenacre, Inc., the flow after the API would look like this:

  1. POST a contract to the endpoint
    $ curl https://api.getmagistrate.com/v1/...
  2. The Parties Receive An Email
    Dear Alice, your signature on behalf of Greenacre, Inc.
    is requested by Bob.
  3. The Parties View and Sign the Contract

    By: /s/ Alice Smith
    Name: Alice Smith
    Title: Chief Executive Officer
  4. Fully Executed contract.txt Emailed to all Parties
    Dear Alice, please find attached the fully
    executed Bill of Sale.

What's next?

You just made your first request to the API. Here are a few links that might be handy as you venture further into the Magistrate API: